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Various comic strips/cartoons during time. If you know of others, please don't hesitate to contact me.


A 1985 Smash Hits 'satirical special'
drawn by Harry North

Part 1


Part 2


"The Adventures Of The Human League
In Outer Space"
Original from Viz Magazine 1995. This one featured on a 'Octopus Tour' merchandise T-shirt, which also included a cup with a shorter version of the comic strip.

A big "thank you" to Matthew Williams for scanning this.


A 1995 Melody Maker Illustration
drawn By Carl Flint


A selfportrait done by the band for Q Magazine
in relation with their 2004 Q Award.



  Avatar programme I found - of course I had to do one of the band.
  Classic South Park character generator.
  Simpsonizer characters - from the official Simpsons website. 


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